The Dr. Peter Geittmann Foundation was formed to assist the too often forgotten population of women who work to support themselves.

These women are underprivileged due to insufficient health care insurance through their own, or their employer’s inability to provide coverage for an unexpected, life threatening occurrence.

Despite their efforts, these women do not have access to one of our most basic needs: the ability to survive, not just physically, but also financially, after a catastrophic medical adversity.

These women are deserving of assistance; they do not expect others to fend for them when they are capable of supporting themselves. Therefore, they and their children should not become victims of a medical financial disaster; their lives and survival should not be dependent on the lack of a satisfactory paycheck or on an employer who cannot provide comprehensive healthcare coverage to protect them from a potentially devastating medical event.

The mission of the Dr. Peter Geittmann Foundation is address this disparity, and to help provide a fighting chance for survival for women and children, despite their financial circumstances.

Please join us at our 2017 Gala: “Delivering it Forward ” on Saturday, September 16, 2017 @ Arlington Park

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